May 6th, 2017 Results                

Quick 16, Summit Super Series, and Clinton All Out

Modified ET

Winner- Jesse Garcia, St. Louis, MO.

                Runner Up- Joel Leisher, Decatur, IL.

                Semi- Mike Strother, Quincy, IL.

                Quarters- John Ratulowski, Richland, IL., Wayne Parsons, Havana, IL., Jeff Crow, Warsaw, IL.

Top ET

Winner- Corey Butler, Bemont, IL.

                Runner Up- Clay Tyler, Bethalto, IL.

                Semi- Calieb Beaird, Astoria, IL

Perkins Seed House Footbrake

Winner- Mike Ratulowski, Highland, IL.

                Runner Up- Cade Rich, atlanta, IL.

                Semi- Jimmie Barrett, Havana, IL.


Winner- Mark Abrams, Bethalto, IL.

                Runner Up- Troy Fore, Washington, IL

Multifamily Capital Advisors Jr. Dragster

Winner- Madison Stewart, Athens, IL.

                Runner Up- Lilly Kinne, Canton, IL.

                3rd Place- Pyphr Cole Beal, Riverton, IL.

                4th Place Brooks McFarland, Lawndale, IL.

Quick 16

Winner- Jarrod Wisdom, Waverly, IL.

                Runner Up- Matt Fuchs, Chatham, IL.

                Semis- Brian Mileham, Lawndale, IL., Calieb Beaird, Astoria, IL.

Quick 16 Number 1 Qualifier

                Dave Schute,  Quincy, IL.

Quick 16 Consi Bracket

                Winner- Jim Falbe, Clinton, IL.

Shootout Winner-
Codey Scheland, Havana, IL.

Jr. Shootout Winner-
Lainey Bergscheider, Waverly, IL.

Clinton All Out

Winner- Travis Peck, Clinton, IL.

                Runner Up- Rad Wolfe, Clinton, IL.

June 10th 2017 Results

Quick 16, Summit Super Series Top, Mod, Perkins Seed House Footbrake, and Multifamily Capital Advisors Jr. Dragster.

Quick 16

                Winner- Brandon Bergschinder, Waverly, IL

                Runner Up- Matt Knous, Petersburg, IL.

                Semi- Dylan Gale, Astoria, IL.

Quick 16 #1 Qualifier- Dave Schutte, Quincy, IL.

Mod ET

                Winner- Jeff Crow, Warsaw, IL.

                Runner Up- Norman Heflin, Vermont, IL.

                Semi- Gary Staake, Meredosia, IL.

Top ET

                Winner- Chad Easley, Canton, IL.

                Runner Up- Dylan Gale, Astoria, IL.

                Semi’s- Tim Airney, Channahon, IL., Greg Jones, Peoria, IL.

Perkins Seed House Footbrake

                Winner- Grant Zimmerman, Morton, IL.

                Runner Up- Jimmie Barrett, Havana, IL.
Multifamily Capitol Advisors Jr. Dragster

                Winner- Brooks McFarland, Lawndale, IL.

                Runner Up- Lilly Kinne, Canton, IL.

                Semi’s- Aaron Olson, Canton, IL. Hayden Black, Chatam, IL. 

Shootput Winner- Codey Scheland, Havana, IL.

Jr. Dragster Shootout Winner- Hayden Black, Chatam, IL.