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Format change for Quick 16 Race:

 Race will be run on a .500 Full Tree except for Funny Car Chaos it will be run on a .400 Pro Tree

Quickest 16 Qualifiers will compete on a ladder to be determined by qualifying runs. Time and Weather permitting you will get 2 qualifying runs, one in each lane.
First round losers in Quick 16 can Buy back into 2nd round Top ET, unless you are already running in Top ET you cannot have 2 entries

**Non-Qualifiers may be refunded their entry fee, if you break in qualifying that does not automatically mean you didn’t qualify. **

Cars that break
before qualifying will be issued a break pass to use at a future race. Tech card will be held at front gate.

If your car breaks during Qualifying: Qualifying is considered part of the Race, if you break you lose. Except for the following:

If you break in qualifying and we still have a 16 car field (you are bumped off ladder) you would be eligible for refund due to not qualifying.

In the event there are more than 16 cars qualifying and a qualified car cannot make first round,
(15 minutes after final pair finishes qualifying runs, ladder will be built, after that no changes will be made, if your broke tell us quickly) next quickest qualifier will be added to ladder. If there is not a functioning car to move into vacant position, ladder will stand, we will not remove a broken car from 16 car field if there is not a functioning car to replace it with, again if you break in qualifying that’s part of the race, you lose.


Payouts will be reduced by 6.25% for every car less than a 16-car field 

Quick 16 Entry Fee $100

Winner $800
Runner up $400
Semi's $100

 Number One Qualifier will receive $100 if we have a full 16 car field

Any refunds to non-qualifiers will be made when checks are distributed at end of the event.

We seem to have trouble filling all the spots due to racers fear they will get bumped and lose their money, this change should fix that issue and car counts will return to 16 car field, any questions or concerns call me at 720-878-5573, don’t jump on Facebook and rip me apart from your keyboard!​

NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the participant, not IHRA or any Central Illinois Dragway track representative, to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained and used. 

IHRA rules are the basic and minimum standard for safety and competition. CID track and class rules compliment these, and in some cases, supersede.  See the current IHRA rulebook and direct any questions to Management.
Motorized Pit Vehicles-Due to insurance regulations, ALL Motorized Pit Vehicles (Scooters, Sprees, Golf Carts, 4-Wheelers, etc.) must be registered at the Racetrack in order to be operated at the track.  The cost is $10, a registration form must be completed to keep on file at the track, and a sticker will be issued to affix to the pit vehicle. This Pit Vehicle Registration is not optional. See Rules and Pit Vehicle Rules and Reg.