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2019 IHRA
 Eddyville Raceway Park Oskaloosa Iowa
September 5-8, 2019

(1/8 Mile)

The purpose of the IHRA Midwest Summit Team Finals is to promote IHRA drag racing at member tracks on a local level and reward attendance with national recognition and competition. .
TEAM PRE ENTRY - Each track will be responsible for collecting and paying to Eddyville Raceway Park the car & driver entry fees for their team. This must be done on or before September 5, 2019.
DRIVER ELIGIBILITY - Each participating track will keep a “points” system to determine the drivers who will represent their track.  Each racer must be entered in the points program, as well as run at least (3) points meets or 50% of completed events, of the track and class they represent. “Show” points for rained out events do not qualify.  No buy-in entries from racers not running at local track.  Any track found using buy-in entries may be suspended for 1 year if so voted by participating track operators
TEAM COMPOSITION - Each team will consist of up to two teams of 25 competitors.  There is no entry limit for any class. If a team car breaks, the driver can race a street vehicle in the sportsman class. Each team will be issued 50 team code decals and each car competing must have a team code decal displayed on the driver’s side and front of the vehicle.  Each team captain must notify race director of car substitution.  No team members may be added to the roster after Friday at Noon.

TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP - The team championship will be determined by a points system with one (1) point being awarded to the winner of each round. All main event run-off points count toward team totals. In the case of a tie, the team’s competitors going farthest in competition will be awarded the higher position.   The winning track will receive an Ironman.

 CREDENTIALS, MEMBERSHIP & LICENSING - Each participant, including Juniors & Motorcycles, must be a current licensed member of IHRA. All racers  (6.49 & quicker 1/8 mile), must have an approved license.  Forms will be provided to Track Operators. License runs will not be allowed at the Team Finals. Participants and crew coming in after the posted gate closing time will have to report to the track operators once they have checked in at the gate and received wrist bands the next morning. Overnight gate workers may not be present.  All credentials will be done at the Eddyville Raceway gate.

 TRACK CODE & CAR NUMBERS - Each participant must have a competition number clearly displayed on all four sides of the vehicle.  The provided team code decals must be displayed on the tower side (left side) and front of the vehicle preceding the competition number. IHRA will select the track code. The track may issue any number they choose, up to five digits total, including the track code (example: U4567). 

TECH INSPECTION – Tech inspection is the responsibility of each individual track. All vehicles will be inspected, in advance of the race, by and at the home track. The track operator will then issue a tech card to the participating racer. This tech card will serve as the racers’ credential when registering at the racetrack. Random inspections can be performed by an event official at the event.
WRIST BANDS – An official will install a colored band on the wrist of each person admitted through the track gate. Team members, alternates, team captains, track employees and crew members must wear the wristband at all times throughout the weekend.
TEAM CAPTAIN - Each track will provide a track owner/operator or manager to serve as team captain for their team at the Summit Team Finals.
RACERS - No racer may represent more than one (1) track at the team finals.  A racer may enter a maximum of two different vehicles and compete in up to two different classes.  A racer may drive the same car in both classes. Racer must be listed on roster in both classes.  Boxes must be removed from car to run in No box classes. Once a racer declares the team he/she wishes to represent, he/she may not change teams.  Two drivers are not allowed to drive the same vehicle.

 Summit Super Series - Any Summit SuperSeries competitor that has an IHRA membership and “X” number registered and valid according to IHRA records from at least May 1, 2019 through the 2019 Summit Team Finals event and can win the 2019 Summit Team Finals main event championship in their division will become eligible for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship race. 

 To be considered eligible after winning the Summit Team Finals main event, a competitor will be verified by IHRA as having met all the same program rules and eligibility requirements as required of each Summit SuperSeries track champion.  These requirements are published and outlined in the Summit Super Series section of ihra.com.  A 14 day renewal grace period will be granted for X number registrations that expire between May 1st and your Summit Team Finals event.  If your registration is not renewed within a 14 day period from the expiration date or you fail to meet any of the posted eligibility requirements of the program, the main event winner will not be eligible for the Summit Super Series World Championship.  In addition, should a main event winner fail to meet the eligibility requirements, the main event runner-up is not eligible to take their place.
TRACK OPERATORS RACE - Will be open to the team captain of each participating track. The race will be run on Friday night and is limited to non-competition street legal vehicles only. Any “non-traditional” vehicle will be allowed at the discretion of the Race Director and will be subject to additional safety requirements. (For instance, pit bikes will run per required ET motorcycle standards)  No electronics of any kind allowed.

 TIME TRIALS - Time trials will be run in sessions by class.

 14  ATV's & PIT BIKES - The number of the racecar must be displayed on all such vehicles.  No joy riding permitted.  Track owner will be responsible for enforcing this rule.  Violators will be disqualified and points will be deducted from the team. All riders must have a valid state driver’s license.

   15. FOUR ELIMINATORS - Will be run at the Summit Team Finals:

TOP ET                     1/8 mile: 0 – 7.99

MODIFIED ET          1/8 mile: 0 to 8.99

Sportsman                1/8 mile 7.50 & slower

JR DRAGSTERS    (All run)

MOTORCYCLES     Will run with appropriate car classes.

 16. ELECTRONICS - Note: The penalty for intentional non-compliance will result in a five (5) point reduction for the team, and a one (1) year suspension from all competition for the racer.

All Classes - Stutter boxes, timed down track throttle stops, on-board computers and wheel pickup sensing devices are prohibited. Cars fitted with delay boxes running in Modified must physically remove the box from the vehicle during all runs in Modified and No Box.
Top ET - Delay boxes, trans brakes, two steps, and playback tachometers are allowed. Air Throttles, used as launch control devices, are allowed. Factory (OEM) installed computers will be permitted, but no laptop computers are allowed while in competition.
Modified ET - Delay boxes and air throttles prohibited. All accepted trans brake buttons, trans brakes, two steps, and pneumatic or electric shifters permitted.
Sportsman – Delay boxes, air throttles, trans brakes, two steps are prohibited. Line locks permitted in the burnout process only. Door cars only.
Motorcycles – Will use car guidelines per class.

 17. CHRISTMAS TREE – The tree will be separated with a blinder. LED bulbs will be used.   Crosstalk will be used in Box and Top classes with no opting out !

18. AUTOSTART – Autostart will be used to start races in all classes. Total “time out” will be set at 10 seconds. Jr Dragster timeout will be set for 15 seconds.  See the IHRA rulebook for details.

 19. LANE CHOICE/PROCEDURE - Should racers want the same lane, an IHRA official will determine lane choice using chips. Keeping teams separated will take precedent over desired lanes.  Starting with the Semi-Finals and beyond, racer service may be performed in the staging lanes and racers should be prepared to return directly to the staging lanes. This procedure will be in place for all eliminators throughout the weekend.

 BYE RUNS - For the first round, the event tower official will randomly determine the bye run.  In subsequent rounds, the best reaction time will determine the bye. In the case of a tie, the racer that runs closest to their dial-in (excluding breakouts) will be eligible for the bye.  A racer is eligible for a bye until he actually makes a bye run.  Once a racer makes a bye, he is not eligible again until everyone else left in the class has made a bye run.  A new bye run will be selected every round.  This takes precedent over the team rule.  Note: If the racer selected for a bye is mistakenly missed and runs in competition, the run will stand regardless of the outcome.  The bye run will receive lane choice.  This procedure will be used for all races during this event.

TEAM MEMBER vs. TEAM MEMBER - The Summit Team Finals is an event designed to promote team competition. Therefore, racers from the same team will not run each other, even in a run-off situation, unless they are the only ones left in competition. This rule applies to both teams from the same track.  Circumstances such as the number of entries, track layout, pit parking and traffic can occur that can make this difficult to accomplish. It is the tracks responsibility to help assure that racers from the same team do not run each other. If racers from the same team running each other should become the only alternative, the cars will run each other and the runs will stand. Note: the only exception to this is a bye run situation.  The team rule applies to the main event.  Gamblers races will not be separated by team.

 TEAM PIT PARKING SELECTION - Team parking will be designated by IHRA and Eddyville Raceway Park.  

 GAMBLER’S RACES – Gamblers race will be run to completion that night or split if weather or conditions force the race to be stopped.  Competitors in the gamblers race may only run one entry in each class.  All competitors must be on the roster.  Team captains may participate in the gamblers race.  Gamblers races will not be separated by team.  Races will be completed on scheduled day unless forced to an early stop. Money will be split among remaining competitors if not completed. 

 RACE PROCEDURE AND SAFETY RULES - All IHRA race procedure and safety rules will be in effect unless stated otherwise in this agreement.  Contestants should become familiar with the IHRA rulebook, revisions and this agreement before entering the event.            Junior Dragsters will be allowed to remove tire covers after crossing the water box if it can be done without impeding the flow of the class. In this case dial-ins cannot be changed after given the signal to start cars.

 COURTESY STAGING – Mandatory. A car that accidentally lights both bulbs will be allowed to back up and re stage, if time allows.  If the auto start system activates the tree and the entry is not re-staged the entry will be eliminated. 

DEEP STAGING - Please be aware that deep staging is allowed but not guaranteed. It is up to the racer to get in deep as soon as possible. Deep staging is not the starter’s responsibility.  Deep stagers will be allowed to light both the pre-stage and stage beam as courtesy staged if vehicle is clearly marked “Deep” on all sides.
SPECIAL AWARDS -The following special awards will be determined at the event. Details to be determined.

Best Awards:
            Best Appearing Full Bodied Car               

Best Appearing Jr Dragster

            Best Appearing Open Bodied Car            

            Best Team Spirit                                         

                        Best Appearing Team

 CONTINGENCY DECALS – Will not be distributed at the event.  It is the driver’s responsibility or the team’s responsibility to acquire any needed contingency decals prior to the event.  Certain manufacturers do not distribute their decals through IHRA.  You must call the company in question direct.




 Winner             $2,500 & Ironman & Silver Card

Runner Up        $ 1,000

$100 per round won ,starting with round 3 win up to final round.


Winner                                             $2,500 & Ironman & Silver Card

Runner Up                                        1,000

$100 per round won starting with round 3 win up to final round.


Sportsman and Jr Dragsters

Winner                                               $800 & Ironman & Silver Card

Runner Up                                        $400

Semi Finalist                                  $200

Quarter Finals                                 $100

35 entries minimum for this payout, less than 35 entries 80% payout  !

 B.  FRIDAY/SATURDAY GAMBLERS RACE (Split if not concluded)

      Box & No-Box, $2,000 to win, Balance of payout depends on car count will payout 80 % of entry fees to gambler race.

     Junior – 80% payback (win, runner-up, semis)

                        Car & Driver  (Top & Modified) $100 Sportsman & Jr Dragsters $60

Crewman                                                       $40-Thur Entry  $35-Fri Entry   $20-Sat Entry

General Adm Adults                                    $20  (1 day)

                        Child  (6-12)                                                  $10  (Thur or Fri Entry)  $5 (Sat Entry)   

                        Thursday Test and Tune                            $25

Friday/Saturday Box Gamblers                 $75  (1st round buyback $30)        

Friday/Saturday No Box Gamblers           $75  (1st round buyback $30)

Friday/Saturday Junior Gamblers             $30  (1st round buyback $15)
Membership & License                               Mandatory; available at event       

No refunds if event is partially or completely rained out. 

                                     TRACK CODES FOR THE 2019 TEAMS

TRACK NAME                                                 CODE

Cordova International Raceway             R
Eddyville Raceway Park                           E
Central Illinois Dragway                         C
Ozark Raceway Park                             O   
Mo-Kan Dragway                                   K   
Onawa Racing and Events Center         A
Thunder Valley Dragways                      T   
Magic City Dragways                             M


Eddyville Raceway Park 3260 Merino Ave. Oskaloosa Ia. 52577

Radio Station 88.7


If weather delays the event, it will be completed on the first available day.

 Run order – Mod, Sportsman, Juniors, Top        Gamblers Order – No Box, Box, Juniors

                         Thursday September 5

                                    Parking and Registration                                        12:00 pm – 9:30 pm

                                    Test and Tune                                                         3:00 pm – 8 pm


                        Friday September 6

                                    Gates Open                                                              8:00 am

                                    Gamblers Time Trial (One)                                    9:30 am

                                Optional reaction time contest: $10 entry (3) classes Box, No Box, Jrs. Winners of   

                                Box & No Box win $200, Jr winner get $100.

                                  Gamblers Eliminations                                           Following Time RTC                         

                        Team Captains Race                                              Friday evening as time permits

Registration Closes                                                 9:30 pm

Saturday September 7

                                    Gates Open                                                              8:00 am

                                    Team Photos                                                           9:00am

                                Gamblers Eliminations (one round)                      10:00am

Main Event Eliminations (to conclusion)              Following Gamblers E1


Sunday September 8

                                    Gates Open                                                              8:00 am

Gamblers Eliminations continue                           9:00am

Track Operator Meeting                                          10:30amType your paragraph here.


​Schedule subject to change.​​​

August 2019

23rd       Test and Tune
24th       Top ET, Mod ET, Footbrake, Bikes and Jr’s (Last Race before bracket  finals)

                (No overnight camping after this race, track will be secure 1 hour following Finals)

30th       Closed 
31st       Closed (Private Rental)

 September 2019

Closed Bracket Finals Eddyville Raceway Park

Fall Nostalgia Race Parking and Test and Tune (Drag Slicks Only)
14th       Fall Nostalgia Race, and 9th Annual Alan Hutto Memorial Challenge

               See special event page for details

20th        Test and Tune w/Clinton All Out
Midwest Top Sportsman, Final Quick 16, Top ET, Mod ET, Footbrake, Bikes and Jr’s

27th        Test and Tune
Real Street Car Shootout, Top ET, Mod ET, Footbrake, Bikes and Jr’s  (Final Points Race)

​​Notice!! Any changes to the schedule will be posted here , on Facebook page, on the event hotline 309-543-8000, my voice mail, or get on our email list which you can do here on website.
Schedule subject to change.