Central Illinois Dragway Nostalgia Quick Eliminator (CIDNE1 & CIDNE2)

Participants in CIDNE 1&2 should have a Nostalgia Appearance, any Front Engine Dragster, Funny Car, Altered’s, Pre ’79 Door Cars, or anything I find to be cool and interesting Any engine combination allowed! Blowers, Mechanical Fuel Injection, Carburetor, Gas, Alcohol, Nitro, Turbo and Nitrous all permitted.  NO DELAY BOXES

It is mandatory all cars have an engine containment device! 

NE1 1/8 mile Dial in must be 4.89 and quicker NE2 4.90-5.40

Long Burnouts Encouraged

Track Rules and IHRA rules will be followed

Cars will be Inspected by Track Officials

Electronics Policy: No Delay Boxes

Car number and ET must be displayed on car.

Event: We are here to have fun!!!

Cars will be run on a .400 Pro Tree

There will be 2 Qualifying runs

Cars will be laddered by timing system. (Pro Ladder)

15 Minutes after last Qualifying run ladder will be built, if your broke notify tower, after 15 minutes ladder will stand.

Odd number of entries, Quickest ET will get round one bye

$100 fee will be paid at front gate and you will receive your tech card.  Tech cards to be turned in during Technical Inspection.

2018 Payout structure for CID Nostalgia Eliminator 1 & 2

Payout as follows: 100% Payout of Entry Fees, All Run No Limit on field size

Winner 60%

Runner Up 20%

Semi’s 10% each

It will be each entries responsibility to purchase a tech card for $100. Fill it out completely and return it BEFORE Q1 is called to the staging lanes. 

Pit/tow vehicles are required to display a CID permit sticker. ($20 fee)

Rainouts and other track info. Will be posted at http://www.centralillinoisdragway.com and/or at https://www.facebook.com/centralillinoisdragway

Additions and/or corrections to these rules may be made by Central Illinois Dragway Nostalgia Eliminator Series/Jeff Lasecke.

 Any questions please call Jeff Lasecke @ 720-878-5573   Thanks!

NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the participant, not IHRA or any Central Illinois Dragway track representative, to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained and used. 

IHRA rules are the basic and minimum standard for safety and competition. CID track and class rules compliment these, and in some cases, supersede.  See the current IHRA rulebook and direct any questions to Management.

Motorized Pit Vehicles-Due to insurance regulations, ALL Motorized Pit Vehicles (Scooters, Sprees, Golf Carts, 4-Wheelers, etc.) must be registered at the Racetrack in order to be operated at the track.  The cost is $10, a registration form must be completed to keep on file at the track, and a sticker will be issued to affix to the pit vehicle. This Pit Vehicle Registration is not optional. See Rules and Pit Vehicle Rules and Reg.



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Central Illinois Dragway NOSTALGIA quick Eliminator 1 & 2