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Challenge Made Challenge Accepted!!!

Anyone wanting to participate in this race please contact Jeff

at cidjeff63@gmail.com or 720-878-5573


RULES: Any Door Car, 2 functioning doors
Pass IHRA Tech and Track Rules
Engine Containment/Diaper Rule in Effect


Track Prep: Be Ready for anything

Heads Up: Random Pro/Full Tree, be ready, pay attention!

Racing: from the trailer to the track-no time runs

Racing: Random Pill Draw in the tower before round, pairings done in lanes, you may run same car more than once. Odd number of cars someone gets a bye, must run to get points, and in random draw someone may get more than 1 bye.

Racing: Cars will be run 10 minutes after the call out, if you’re not in the lanes ready you miss a round, and paired car will get competition bye, must run for points.

Cars will be run at random times, will be a minimum 15 minutes up to an hour between rounds, be ready! No guarantee on how many rounds per night. You will not be allowed any test passes between rounds. If your out of competition for that night you may Test.

Times will be shown, spectators want to see what you ran

Entry Fee: Tech Card $30

Points: 10 round win, 5 round loss, 0 no show

Points accumulated at each race

Payout based on spectator count: $1 added to purse for each paying spectator

The more spectators the bigger the purse

Last race Payout Top 5 positions

1st Place 50% of Pot

2nd Place 25% of Pot

3rd Place 12.5% of Pot

4th Place 6.25% of Pot

5th Place 6.25% of Pot

In the event of a tie for any positions, time permitting we will have a one race tie breaker, if time doesn’t permit pot will be split (example tie for 3rd and 4th take 18.75% of pot and divide equally)


    Heads Up, door car duel