We E.T.12.99 Quicker

  • Delay Boxes Prohibited and Must be removed from Car
  • Use of a delay box will result in immediate disqualification, up to permanent suspension as per IHRA rulebook


  • 12.99 and faster
  • For left hand steer door cars, trucks, and SUVs only.  No dragsters or motorcycles.
  • No rev limiters on the staging line.
  • Throttle and brake must be operated by driver’s feet.
  • Air and electronic shifters allowed
  • .5 Full Tree
  • Buy backs are determined at each event.
  • Buys will be determined as they are in all other classes (see byes and lane choice in track rules)
  • Deep staging permitted.
  • A line lock may be used as an aid during burnouts, but may not be used in testing or competition, use will result in disqualification and suspension from participating in any racing at CID. 

Entry Fee $45 Buyback $25


10 or less cars

Winner     50% of paid entry fees

11-24  Entries
Winner                 $300
Runner Up          $100

25-35 Entries
Winner                 $400
Runner Up          $150
Semi’s                 $50

36 and Higher Entries
Winner                 $600
Runner Up          $250
Semi’s                 $100
Qtr’s                     $50

NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the participant, not IHRA or any Central Illinois Dragway track representative, to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained and used. 

​IHRA rules are the basic and minimum standard for safety and competition. CID track and class rules compliment these, and in some cases, supersede.  See the current IHRA rulebook and direct any questions to Management.




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